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Scribbles #6 - Revive Our Hearts

I just discovered Revive Our Hearts ( led by Nancy DeMoss and team. As a woman I find it empowering living in the USA. There are countless opportunities for education, career, advancement, hobbies, etc… We are challenged to be whatever we desire, to explore, learn, be challenged, challenge others, teach, grow. We are given freedom to develop and hone our identities and personalities. Independence is admired along with taking part in growing responsibilities to our society, ourselves, our families. It is truly a privilege to live here. Being a Christian woman in the USA I find has a unique set of blessings and struggles. I fight to comprehend the balance between being a woman of dependence and responsibility. We must though, carefully and with much consideration, choose how, why, who and what we are become dependent on. Not everyone is safe to be dependent upon, but we must not under any circumstance sacrifice dependence for a life of complete independence. Complete independence leads to a life of pure loneliness, dividing self from the world and ripping away the opportunities to minister and be ministered to. Learning to be completely dependent on God and dependent on others without sacrificing or becoming lax in being responsible and proactive is a constant effort. When I ran across Revive Our Hearts I was struck with a sense that here is a fresh breeze for the Christian woman. Here is a place where I can sit beside still waters and feel the wind rush over my sore muscles. It is encouraging, nourishing, uplifting and promotes growth through the abundance of thought-provoking challenges. A challenge to be a woman, strong and feminine, as God intended. We are called to a challenging life as women. I strive to discover what that means. I look forward to learning from Nancy DeMoss and her team.

While I was on Revive Our Hearts website I was offered (as a blog writer) a copy of Nancy DeMoss’ latest book “Voices of the True Woman Movement” in exchange for blogging my thoughts about it. I’m sure I will have plenty to say about it as I start reading it. I received it in the mail today and I am sooo excited about starting it this weekend. I’m sure by Saturday I will be itching to write something.


Here are my first impressions….

  • I’m so excited it’s here!
  • Love the cover ~ it’s user friendly, attractive non-burn-holes-in-my-eyes yellow. Love the raised title. It’s a little bigger than I normally like my books but it’s nice that it is thinner. Doesn’t seem as overwhelming to read. Especially to someone who always seems like there are a dozen books on my shelf that I need to get to.
  • I am so excited that some of the contributors are John Piper, Mary Kassian, Joni Eareckson Tada, and Janet Parshall. Great job to the team for putting that on the front. For someone who is not familiar with Nancy DeMoss, (myself until I called up a respected good bible believing/teaching older woman in my life to make sure her teachings are respect worthy) it gives the browser a chance for familiarity to see a name that they might recognize and trust promoting and being a part of it.
  • I like the title but I’m a little taken aback by the “true woman” part of it. I feel like we are all true women, if we are women. I don’t feel like you can become more of a true woman, in the same way I don’t think you can become more saved. It’s a status that we either are or we aren’t, not really a grey area. I would have liked to see this worded a little better. For the woman who is a little iffy about what this book says about women, I feel like it implies that you can be a false woman or be part of a false woman movement if you haven’t joined the true woman movement (namely I assume the one that is starting from the organization Revive Our Hearts). I want to be clear that I don’t think that this is what they intended for the title to imply, at least I hope it’s not. I just wish that if it’s not they would have reworded it. If it is…. well I hope people don’t get bored of reading long blogs, because I’m sure I’ll have a lot more to say on that subject.
  • Woo-hoo, I can’t wait to read it. Bummer!! It’s 11:53pm and I have to get up for church tomorrow. I’m totally bummed that I can’t start reading it now.

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Drool #2 Bodum Double-Walled Insulated Glassware

Bodum air double wall glasses that breathe. What more can I possibly say about these… ALOT! They are amazing. They hold heat in so that you don’t burn your hands when holding steaming hot liquid and keep the ice cold lemonade chilly, and they are incredibly light. Dishwasher/microwave safe and resistant to scratching. I heart these babys like you can’t even imagine. Well worth the price tag and versatile in any entertainment setting.



They are insulated and double walled, handmade and mouth-blown, and come in six different sizes ranging from an iced tea glass (21 oz.) down to a 2oz. espresso / shot glass. Prices range from $11.95-$39.95 on the Bodum website, for a set of two glasses.



-!Bodum 174 Pavina Double Walled Insulated Glassware 2 oz Set of 2--12908104 

The functionality matches the taste of any drink you serve with ease and grace. 




Seriously a drink this good looking has to have a glass that is equally as attractive.   

Scribbles #5

If there were no heaven or afterlife what would my life look like? Would I still be as motivated to love God and love people? Would I still be as motivated to share the message that He loves them more then we could ever understand. Don't get me wrong, I totally and completely believe in the afterlife, in heaven and hell. But I know that God could have created just this life and nothing more. It is beautiful that he desires eternity with me and I look forward so much to it. But most of the time I have this underlying feeling that I am waiting for life to begin. Waiting to die that I might truly live. There is no doubt in my mind that I will enjoy heaven more than I will enjoy earth. I know that God has created me for his purposes here on earth and it brings me great joy when I see people's lives change when they realize that God loves them passionately loves them and desires a personal relationship with them. It gives me great joy to feel his love and see his love for me manifesting in me and around me. He is the greatest of my friends, my wisest counselor and the most tender of comforters. My purpose is to love him, to seek his face and to listen to his voice when He speaks to me. That is my reason for living, but I suspect that I would live and love more passionately each day knowing that I only had 100 years tops to spend with him. I know this for sure, that I would still have a growing desire to tell people about Him. When Christ died for me and you, he not only saved us from damnation he saved us for this life, for friendship and a love affair that leaves me breathless and filled with peace. Being at peace with God and forgiven of our sins is for today as much as it is for eternity. Eternity is a gift, we never have to be separated from God again. This week I am going to strive to live as if this time was all I had to love him and spend time with him. He is my desire and my delight. The wind in my sails and the trail beneath my feet.

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Scribbles #4

"A person will worship something, have no doubt about that. We may think our tribute is paid in secret in the dark recesses of our hearts, but it will come out. That which dominates our imaginations and our thoughts will determine our lives, and our character. Therefore, it behooves us to be careful what we worship, for what we are worshipping we are becoming."

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson